About Us

Our Story

We are Al-Rajhi Company, who started working in the field of trading electrical and household items since 1991 and till now we are still in this field with our brand RTC LIGHTING. Which has proven success in serving its customers in electrical materials and lighting.
And in 1997 we started trading in household items with our Alshref brand. Our biggest motive from the beginning was for the consumer to obtain healthy and safe cookware for cooking, and it has succeeded in our market, praise be to God, and then our commitment to providing high quality products with international standards. Now, you may not find a Libyan house without Al-Shref products, this is a great honor for us and we are also very proud of this success. We promise to remain loyal to your trust in us, and to strive to provide high quality cookware products over the coming years, God willing.

What We Provide

Since 1997, Al Rajhi cookware has been a symbol of quality, trusted by our mothers for 24 years, and we promise to stay true to their trust in us and promise to strive to provide high quality cookware that you can rely on for the next 24 years.
We provide cooking utensils of all types and sizes by meeting the requirements of international quality standards so that our customers can enjoy a profitable long-term investment in health, time and money.
Above all, we promise you that you will love your Al Rajhi cookware so much that you will pass it on to your next generation of children and grandchildren. We will be there to share your joy, and to listen to you when you need help.
We provide restaurants and event owners with high-quality cooking utensils that you can rely on to cook food in huge quantities.

We don’t follow the policy of cheap material and low-priced cookware which is harmful to our customers health, we do not compromise on our customers health. We strive to provide high quality cookware at an affordable price.

The criteria for choosing cookware no longer depend only on quality, but the design and the colors of the utensils are an important criterion nowadays, so we were keen to provide high quality cookware with an amazing designs and colors that are suitable with modern kitchens.

We also provide you with knives for all kitchen uses, with wooden handles made of high-quality steel, with different thicknesses and sizes.
We’re always up to date to renew casseroles and update cookware, we strive to provide what suits your needs.


Our Location

In addition to two other branches in Al-Karimia and Al-Sawani Road, the company also has many authorized distributors inside country.