About Us

Our Story

Al-Rajhi Company has been established since 1992, in Tripoli, Libya.
It has met all the needs of its customers in terms of electrical materials and lighting products

The company specialized in importing and manufacturing, and outperformed its competitors in terms of the quality of the products offered and customer service
Through technical support for the customer before and after the completion of the sale process.
The company’s team was distinguished by responding quickly to all inquiries through the company’s means of communication The company offers many options for selling between wholesale, wholesale and retail.

What We Provide

Among the products provided by the company are electrical regulators of various sizes and other industrial products such as Electric dumpers and various equipment, It also includes various lighting products such as swarms of lighting and spotlights with a five-year guarantee, as well as various chandeliers Ceiling, classic, and others The company also manufactures various extensions, connectors and household triangles with high quality and specifications.


Our Location

In addition to two other branches in Al-Karimia and Al-Sawani Road, the company also has many authorized distributors inside country.